Dr. DJ LeDrew

Dr. DJ LeDrew has been a SW Calgary Chiropractor for over 10 years.

My chiropractic story begins when I was a child suffering from severe migraine headaches.  After extensive testing and investigation within the conventional medical system—to no avail—my parents turned to another solution: chiropractic! After one spinal adjustment, my life changed. For the first time in years, I had complete relief from debilitating migraines.  From that point on, I was intrigued by chiropractic and began to ponder becoming a chiropractor.

I began my post-secondary studies at the University of Calgary (U of C), where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology with an emphasis in Mind Sciences.  During my tenure at U of C, I wrestled for the varsity team and learned the value of hard work by juggling my studies and athletic training.

In 2000, I was recognized as the University of Calgary Scholar-Athlete of the Year, one of my proudest moments.  I am grateful for the life lessons learned during my ten-year wrestling career.  During those years, I was a five-time national medalist and three-time National Champion, representing Canada at many international competitions.

Although I was just reaching my prime in wrestling, I decided to move on to chiropractic and fulfill my mission of serving humanity instead of pursuing the Olympic dream.

When I began classes in January 2001, I set the goal that I wanted to graduate at the top of my class to be the best doctor I could for my patients. I achieved that goal, graduating as the valedictorian, summa cum laude, and was selected by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners as the fee waiver recipient.

I began a solo practice in Calgary, Alberta, in January 2005; and maintain one of the busiest family wellness chiropractic offices in the country, helping thousands of patients live a healthier life. I joined the Divine Spine team and opened their first Calgary clinic in 2017.

I have a passion for ongoing learning and continue to expand my knowledge by attending regular post-graduate conferences to provide my patients with the most current chiropractic care. I am a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner (CCWP), I have received many other certifications in pediatrics, upper and lower extremity techniques, TMJ disorders and neurology.

On a personal note, I have two children, Burke and London with my wife Melissa. We are an active family that loves the outdoors and staying fit. We do our best live the chiropractic lifestyle in all areas!

Dr. Stefani Scottaline

Dr. Stefani’s chiropractic story began when she was hired as a chiropractic assistant in Ottawa, Ontario after graduating with a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. It was during this time that she realized how powerfully chiropractic was changing families lives. The chiropractic principles of healing from within without the use of drugs and surgery completely aligned with her core values.   

Dr. Stefani had the privilege to attend Life University in Atlanta, Georgia where she was actively involved in the chiropractic community serving as a Student Ambassador, and teaching Kundalini yoga at the schools’ wellness centre. Dr. Stefani embraces the university’s lasting purpose to give, to serve, to love, and to do with a sense of abundance. When she is not serving through chiropractic she is uplifting others through yoga and meditation. Dr. Stefani loves to adventure outdoors with her husband Dr.Troy and their dog Jade. She loves spending time at the local farmers market’s, and going out for a delicious bite to eat. Dr. Stefani met her husband at chiropractic school and together they are thrilled to be part of the Divine Spine team serving the families of Calgary. 

Dr. Stefani is a chiropractor because she believes that true health comes from the inside and was through the chiropractic lifestyle that helped her discover the power of her own body. She believes that your number one asset in life is your health and that when people are free of their symptoms, and their bodies start to perform and function properly they are better able to take care of themselves and their families. She is making it her mission to get as many families under chiropractic care because we all deserve to be happy, health and whole.  

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