Dr. Ajay Sawhney, D.C. – Practitioner

dr_ajay-300x199I graduated with a Doctorate in 2000 and in 2001 a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

I grew up in Southern California and lived in the Yorba Linda vicinity for the last 25 years… I am currently living in Anaheim Hills with my wife and two children.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychobiology with emphasis in Neuroscience.
During my second year of college, I suffered a low back injury and went through the entire medical circus of pain medication, physical therapy and cortisone injections which offered me no relief…

I decided to visit a practitioner who changed my life. Not only was my back pain completely resolved… I noticed a complete shift in my overall health… I no longer suffered from the monthly headaches I used to get, and I didn’t contract the annual flu that I used to suffer from all my life, which my friends around me were still contracting…

I started to understand the connection of the adjustments and my nervous system and how they related to my overall health from my practitioner. Everything made perfect sense and could be supported from the Neuroscience classes I was taking at the time. The reality of how the nervous system controls every system in our body down to the cellular level and how computerized treatment can directly remove the interference in that system was astonishing.

After graduation, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, and was so inspired by my experience I enrolled in school… Halfway through, I decided to also attain a degree in Chinese Medicine, just to empower myself and have another alternative way to help people without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery…

Soon after I received my licenses, I started working with several Orthopedic and Medical clinics, apparently people were demanding better and real results that medication and surgery was not capable of offering them. So I found myself becoming very busy and helping lots of people. However, these clinics were designed for me to only treat symptoms… and I had become part of the medical system a “symptom-based” model and I had forgotten what inspired me to become a Chiropractor in the first place. Which is to offer people true overall health and wellness…

This is why I’ve decided to join my closest friend and colleague Dr. Manjit Gauba and bring Divine Spine to Yorba Linda, a community where I grew up. My goal every day is to help people achieve optimal health and express there full genetic potential in the most natural way… With computerized treatment, I am able to remove subluxations and free the nervous system from interference and directly impact every system in the body. I’ve enjoyed bringing computerized treatment and true health to my family and loved ones… It’s now time for me to share this love with my community!

Mayra Gaona

sawhneya_team_505-300x235Hi, my name is Mayra. I am excited to be a part of the Divine Spine team in Yorba Linda. I look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have. Please give me a call to learn more about what we offer. I am passionate about health and wellness and look forward to assisting you in meeting your healthcare needs. I was born in the Bay Area but was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I now live in the beautiful sunshine state near my family in Orange County. I’ve always been know to be very outgoing and charismatic! I’m a very cheerful person with a great outlook on life.

A few years ago I was in a severe car accident that left me with a low back injury. After going to a handful of doctors, I lost hope thinking surgery could be my only option. Until one day I learned about chiropractic care. After undergoing several treatments started seeing a decrease in my pain. Receiving treatment has helped me tremendously to stay active and once again return to my normal lifestyle. As a mother of 1 it’s important to me to stay active and fulfill my motherly duties. I continue to receive wellness care not because I am in pain, but because it has become a part of my lifestyle to maintain optimal health.

At Divine Spine, we want our patients to feel comfortable and offer them real solutions so that they can continue to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.