Robin Diehl, RMT

Robin’s passion for working in the natural health field began when she volunteered in the Physiotherapy Department of the Grace General Hospital during her final year of High School.  After being hired on as a Physiotherapy Assistant, she decided to pursue this passion and graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon in 2007.  Since then, while Robin has thoroughly enjoyed providing exceptional care to her clients through manual massages, she always had a yearning to take it a step further – help her clients in a more meaningful way.  This is why Robin jumped at the opportunity to bring Divine Spine to the Saskatoon community.  Through Divine Spine’s computerized adjusting technology, Robin is thrilled to be able to offer her clients the premium care they deserve in such a comfortable, enjoyable fashion.  When not in the clinic, Robin can be found spending time with her daughters,  Bronwyn and Brooklyn.

Dieter Bitz, RMT

Dieter grew up in Calgary where he was an active member of the snowboarding community. As a competitive freestyle coach, he witnessed and endured numerous sports related injuries along with work related stressors after spending several years working in road construction. This prompted him to change his lifestyle and take his health into his own hands, literally. After being involved in sports medicine throughout high school, Dieter wanted to go deeper and find out what he was really made of (in more ways than one). In 2013 He enrolled at Mckay College of Massage and Hydrotherapy where he was recognized for the highest level of professionalism in his graduating class. With a strong emphasis on myofascial release and structural integration, Dieter quickly became passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Realizing that change can be achieved and understanding the importance of preventive therapeutic treatment, Dieter strives to deliver optimal care and effective education. Dieter is proud to be able to use Divine Spine’s computerized treatment system to implement lasting change within his clients while providing pain relief and the freedom of mobility.
When not delivering treatments, Dieter spends most of his time outdoors running, biking, playing tennis and spending time with friends and family. He is fortunate to have traveled to over 40 countries and his hobbies include aerial video/photography along with vintage moped restoration.

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