Dr. Manjit Gauba, D.C.

Dr. Manjit Gauba founded Divine Spine in 2008. According to Manjit, it is time that the healthcare experience became simple and modern. Manjit loved the way Starbucks changed the coffee experience, so he founded Divine Spine to change the adjustment experience the way Starbucks changed coffee.

Divine Spine offers comfortable, consistent adjustments with our computerized system. Imagine 50 years ago if we had told you that dentistry could be painless or that doctors could perform knifeless surgeries using computer screens – would you have believed it? What if we told you that spinal adjustments could be performed in a comfortable position without any sudden movements?

Computerized adjusting not only allows for more precise adjustments for every age group, from babies to seniors, but it also helps a much wider variety of conditions.

Your comprehensive care follows your progress from a state of pain, to relief, to stability, and eventually to optimal wellness. Our practitioners will ensure you receive premium care through your personalized treatment plan, including a combination of adjustments, therapeutic exercises, health and wellness workshops, and nutrient supplementation.

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