Great investment.Some of you know me and my investment strategies. You know that I think real estate is a great way to keep your money safe and growing. I know that some of you also do not care about real estate. Others are wondering why am I writing about real estate. What does that have to do with health… [it does…keep reading]

Well if you search the internet you will see that the most expensive real estate markets are

  • Monaco [$1 million will only get you 15 square meters of space, or about 160 square feet. So you could buy a $1 million bedroom!]
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Singapore
  • Geneva
  • And then New York

But I think this list is DEAD wrong.

As a Chiropractor and Wellness Consultant I know a place that is the more expensive than the ones above.

The most expensive real estate is…

Drumroll please….
Your Brain! Yes.
In between those two ears of yours.
Do not let anyone live there (especially for free!)

When you are angry or upset
in blame mode,
in victim mentality,
critical of others,
infatuated with them,
you give them the most lucrative real estate to live in…


This will take you off your PURPOSE and leave you STAGNANT.
It can also create STRESS and every disease is created by or feeds on STRESS
This holiday season, perhaps it’s time to forgive and forget.
And get that pricey real estate back where it belongs, in YOUR possession.

Dr. G

Thank you so much for allowing us to serve in 2014.