I do not know if you have observed this but…doorLocked

ALL the successful and powerful people are on a quest.

This QUEST is not like the one in lord of the rings…

But it is a quest to accomplish our life’s purpose and answer our curiosities…

Our QUEST-ions

When we open our minds to learn we improve and raise our level of confidence,
knowledge and service.

Everyone wants to serve others in the highest quality possible and for the team at
Divine Spine our quest is to provide the best spinal care.

To get better is a lifelong attraction and definitely part of the QUEST.


This upcoming week we have the opportunity to improve by attending the most
influential and largest Spinal doctor conference in the world.

As you know:

Schooling may end but learning never does.

So we have invested in attending Parker Chiropractic Seminars in Las Vegas where
doctors from around the globe will share the best techniques to keep your spine and
nervous system healthy.

But please note that…

We will not be able to serve you while we are away from 1pm Onwards on Wednesday
January 28 to Sunday February 1.


We will reopen on Monday February 2.

We will be pumped and excited come Monday morning to implement new and exciting
information from our teachers.

See you soon!

Dr. Gauba and Dr. Lucas Bach at DivineSpine.CA