1. 6 Tips For Back Pain Relief

    At our computerized treatment clinics, one of the most common complaints we hear is of back pain. Most adults will deal with back pain at some point in their lives, and while it may be tempting to simply ignore your pain, there are many simple things you can do to relieve your pain. Keep reading for some tips for back pain relief from your local Edmonton practitioner. Keep Moving One of the most a…Read More

  2. Busting 4 More Computerized Treatment Myths

    If you’ve never had a computerized treatment before, all you have to do is browse the internet or have a chat with the wrong person to get your head filled with all kinds of misconceptions regarding this growing industry. We’ve already busted some common myths about computerized treatments, but we’re not finished yet! Keep reading, and ask yourself if any of these misconceptions have kept yo…Read More

  3. Explaining Wellness Adjustments

    Many people avoid wellness clinics because they simply don’t understand what a wellness adjustment is. They may believe the grinding bones myth, or they may just be unfamiliar with the type of treatments practitioners provide. Whatever causes their anxiety, we hope today’s blog helps put some minds at ease and encourages those people to visit their local practitioners. What is a wellness adjus…Read More

  4. Busting 4 Computerized Treatment Myths

    Computerized treatment has become a popular and commonly sought after service for people in pain. As with every increasingly popular industry, there have been quite a few myths about computerized treatment that many people believe as fact. Keep reading to find out if any of the following four myths about computerized treatment have kept you from seeing your local practitioner. 4 Common Wellness Ca…Read More