woman backMany people avoid wellness clinics because they simply don’t understand what a wellness adjustment is. They may believe the grinding bones myth, or they may just be unfamiliar with the type of treatments practitioners provide. Whatever causes their anxiety, we hope today’s blog helps put some minds at ease and encourages those people to visit their local practitioners.

What is a wellness adjustment?

A wellness adjustment is described as a sudden, controlled force, or thrust against a joint, typically in the spine. Wellness adjustments are meant to realign subluxations (misaligned, compressed, or irritated spinal joint) within the spine in order to promote optimal body function.

How do wellness adjustments work?

Have you ever popped your back or cracked your knuckles and heard that audible popping sound? Some believe that this sound is bones grinding together, but this is not the case. What you’re actually hearing is the release of air from within the joint, which relieves pressure on the joint, allowing it to reset back into proper position.

Are there any side effects to a wellness adjustment?

Patients may experience some discomfort or soreness following the adjustment; that being said, most patients enjoy relief from their pain almost immediately following an adjustment. To treat a sore area following an adjustment, a patient can apply an ice pack.

We hope this brief blog post has helped you understand wellness adjustment a little bit better. Here at Divine Spine, we utilize the computerized adjustments in order to provide our patients with the most precise treatments possible. Check out our testimonials page to learn how we’ve helped patients with chronic back pain, headaches, poor sleep, high stress, and more. If you’re ready to give a wellness adjustment a try, schedule an appointment with Divine Spine. We can be reached via phone or our online contact form.