chiropracticComputerized treatment has become a popular and commonly sought after service for people in pain. As with every increasingly popular industry, there have been quite a few myths about computerized treatment that many people believe as fact. Keep reading to find out if any of the following four myths about computerized treatment have kept you from seeing your local practitioner.

4 Common Wellness Care Myths

Once I start computerized treatment, I can never stop.

As practitioners, we understand where this myth comes from, but no one is forcing our patients at Divine Spine to keep coming back. Try looking at this myth from a different perspective. Instead of viewing computerized treatment as a treatment for a condition, imagine it as a technique for health maintenance, because that’s really what computerized treatment is. Sure, we help our patients conquer their pain and other complaints, but the core goal of computerized treatment is to promote and maintain optimal wellness within the neuromuscular and nervous systems. You don’t only go to the dentist one time, right? Of course not! Regular dental visits are imperative to proper oral health maintenance just as regular wellness visits will keep your body healthy.

That being said, many people utilize computerized treatment on a need by need basis, visiting the local practitioner only when they have a specific complaint. This is fine, too! We at Divine Spine are here for you when you need us.

Computerized treatments are painful.

For the vast majority of wellness patients, computerized treatments are relieving, not painful. What the practitioner is doing during an adjustment is resetting the joints in your body-usually your spine-into proper position in order to promote optimal functioning within your neuromuscular and nervous systems. For a very rare group, this may cause some discomfort, but the type of pain reported itself is described as relieving as well. Have you or someone else ever put pressure on one of your knotted muscles until the area began to throb in gratifying agony? This “hurts so good” type of pain is what patients may experience during an adjustment. This type of pain is usually brief and may lead to significant pain relief.   

Computerized treatments are just for back pain.

If you think a spinal misalignment will only affect your back, take a minute to consider what the spinal cord is. Your spine is not just a row of bones joined together. These bones have a purpose: to protect your central nervous system, which is responsible for allowing all other parts of your body to communicate with your brain. It stands to reason, then, that a spinal misalignment could cause pain or other complaints in any part of the body, not just the back. The muscles in the back can also cause pain in the arms, hips, etc. by moving your joints out of position.

Computerized treatment isn’t for me.

If you visit your local practitioner with the expectation that it won’t make any difference, your brain may prevent your body from experiencing the full benefits of wellness care! Here’s our advice: come in once with an open mind. If you think computerized treatments won’t work for you because you’re too old, too young, too this, or too that, we want to encourage you to come on in anyway. Computerized treatment is truly for everyone. With the many aspects of wellness care from adjustments to lifestyle and nutrition guidance, you’re bound to experience the benefits for yourself if only you give it a try.

Are you ready to try computerized treatment? Contact our experienced and trusted Edmonton practitioners at Divine Spine. We can be reached via phone or our online contact form. Visit this page to learn about even more computerized treatment myths!