Will the treatment hurt?

The majority of our treatments, especially our computerized chiropractic adjustments, are gentle and comfortable. There can be mild pain when we work with arthritic joints, fibromyalgia cases, and acute injury.

In other words, even if you are in severe pain, you can receive our treatments.

When we are dealing with scar tissue and old injuries; the treatments involve the breaking down of unhealthy scar tissues, so the body may feel slight pains.

If the chiropractor thinks your treatment will be painful, then we let you know before we start.

How long will I have to be a patient?

A typical chiropractic care program lasts between six and 12 weeks. After that, we provide the option of maintenance care to stabilize and preserve the health of the spine.

Our ideal relationship with our clients lasts years as they choose us to be part of their healthcare team as are their family doctor, dentist, massage therapist, and personal trainer.

How much does it cost?

A typical patient usually spends 167 dollars per month with us.

Does everyone need x-rays?

No. There are guidelines on who needs x-rays and who does not. We follow the recommended guidelines.

That being said, we tend to x-ray more often than not. It allows us to get an in-depth understanding of your spine and provide great care.

If you are pregnant or functioning well, we will not x-ray you.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Typically, you can get an appointment at one of our clinics within a day or two of your call.


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