1. I have now an overall happier lifestyle!

    Prior to approaching Dr. Gauba I suffered from chronic back pain. A colleague at work recommended I visit Divine Spine, and I have now have more energy, experience less pain, and have an overall happier lifestyle thanks to complete relief system utilized by Dr. Gauba and his Divine Spine clinic.…Read More

    James Rino
  2. My headaches are not controlling my life!

    My life has changed for the better thanks to Divine Spine. My overall mood has improved due to sleeping better, my headaches are not controlling my life. I now can say "Yes" to friends when they ask me to go out!…Read More

    Selina Hoffart
  3. I am happier about everything!

    A friend, of a friend of mine, suggested Dr. Gauba's complete relief system to me because I was constantly having problems with my back, neck, hips, and mental health (I have depression). Thanks to Dr. Gauba's unique system I no longer have pain in my back, neck, or hips, as well my attitude has changed and I have much less stress-in fact I am happier about everything! Even my wife has seen a decr…Read More

    Royston Frederick
  4. I do not ache anymore!

    When I was about 12-13 years old, I had an accident that compressed my spine and crushed three vertebras in my lower back. For decades I suffered through the pain this caused until I luckily found Divine Spine's unique relief system. I now have full use of my right arm and hips, but most of all I do not ache anymore, and everything I do is way more comfortable such as playing hockey, working, sitt…Read More

    I experience relief quicker!
  5. I experience relief quicker!

    Prior to my message therapist recommending Dr. Gauba to me, I was suffering from rib pain and chronic lower back pain. No medications were helping me at all. It took a while to notice improvement, but thanks to Divine Spine's relief system I eventually noticed that the pain was decreased significantly and I experience relief quicker, sometimes immediately. I would recommend people to stick with it…Read More

    Jenica Hagan
  6. I sleep better, and I am less stressed!

    Thanks to Dr. Gauba I have found my mental health, stress, and stomach problems have all improved significantly. I also sleep better, and I'm probably easier to live with since I am less stressed.…Read More

    Natasha Frederick
  7. You do not have to live life with pain!

    As a result of Divine Spine's healing system I learned that you do not have to live life with pain. I first sought Dr. Gauba's relief system after months of physiotherapy was still unable to help with a work-related injury that hadn't healed. Thanks to Dr. Gauba my back pain went away, I have greater mobility, and I don' t wake up grumpy due to pains. I'm finally able to enjoy better nights sleep.…Read More

    Mike Lam
  8. My son is now almost pain free!

    I was introduced to Dr. Gauba's complete relief system after observing a demonstration of his methods at Southgate Mall. Prior to using his system I suffered neck, shoulder, and pain pain, however I now experience minimal pain and have been able to resume my regular lifestyle. In fact, thanks to Dr. Gauba's treatments, my son is now almost pain free after being involved in two awful car accidents …Read More

    Mayantee Maharaj
  9. Immediate relief, increased energy, and better posture!

    I found Dr. Gauba after doing doing some online research into Edmonton chiropractors. The reason I decided to try chiropractic is because I had been suffering from headaches and back pain, but was unable to find reasons for the headaches with my traditional medical doctor. Within the first few times I visited Dr. Gauba I observed a decrease in my headaches and back pain by roughly 80%, as well as …Read More

    Aimee Arsenault
  10. Complete Relief System!

    I used to be in constant pain: headaches, earaches, face pain, lower AND upper back pain, neck soreness... you name it! After coming to Dr. Gauba and being introduced to his complete relief system I have experienced just an overall well-being. I now have limited aches and pain, no headaches, no insomnia, and hardly any back soreness. I never realized how much an impact the condition of your spine …Read More

    Kierra Kohlman