1. I can now move around!

    Dr. Gauba's system helped to educate me, and make me more aware, of what my body needs and wants. Awesome stuff! I sought help from Divine Spine as a result of my neck (C-1) being in pain for years due to whiplash, and also my back due to trauma. Dr. Gauba's system has given my arms and legs so much feeling now... I also have at least 75% more feeling than I had in years due to multiple sclerosis,…Read More

    Claudette Ouellete
  2. I enjoy more energy and less pain!

    After my daughter and her family started receiving chiropractic care, I decided to also seek relief for my lower back pain. Dr. Gauba has made me realize that you don't have to live life with the pain, and I now enjoy more energy and less pain, as well I've been easier to be around as a result of having less pain.…Read More

    Bonnie McInnes
  3. I needed to make a change!

    Prior to Dr. Gauba performing a detailed analysis on my nervous system, I never suspected that I had back problems that could, in the long term, be very damaging to my active lifestyle. However, I had been experiencing terrible tension headaches that I could no longer control with pain killers, and realized I needed to make a change. Since using Dr. Gauba's complete relief system I experience far …Read More

    Suzanne Brassard