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Dr. Manjit Gauba DC

gaubam_team_192At the age of 21, Dr. Manjit Gauba was eighty-two pounds overweight and suffered from high blood pressure. At that time, the introduction to the amazing benefits of Chiropractic care transformed his health and saved his life.

Dr. Gauba had always had a passion for science and helping others improve their lives, which led him to consider a career as an Optometrist, however, a close friend of Dr. Gauba’s recommended he take a look into the practice of Chiropractic medicine, instead of Optometry, and Dr. Gauba decided to take a closer look at chiropractic care and it’s medication-free solutions for helping others.

Within a few short months of enrolling into chiropractic school, Dr. Gauba discovered the health secrets that quickly, and easily, allowed him to lose the lifelong excess fat around his body, while at the same time lowering his blood pressure and increasing his energy – all without needing to take any prescription medication or other harmful chemicals.

While still in school, his girlfriend (now his Wife), began experiencing painful migraines. Dr. Gauba used his impressive knowledge of Chiropractic Neurology to begin properly adjusting her nervous system, which permanently ended her horrible migraines – once again accomplishing positive results without her having to risk her health by becoming dependent on prescription medication for relief from the pain.

However, it wasn’t until Dr. Gauba’s first son was born with a medical condition – condition that prompted his son’s medical doctors to suggest his son be placed on regular doses of a strong steroid medication and UV radiation treatment – that Dr. Gauba witnessed the truly impressive results his unique Chiropractic methods could provide…

Within just three short years of regular adjustments, Dr. Gauba’s son was completely healed of his medical condition – an improvement that shocked even his own son’s medical doctors.

As a result of the successful results he had helping his own family enjoy life – without depending on prescription medication – Dr. Gauba has passionately made it his mission to help others see such improvement in their own lives as well.

Divine Spine is devoted to improving the health, and well-being, of client’s both physically and mentally. This is accomplished by using a Complete Relief System consisting of a thorough physical assessment, to provide the most accurate and detailed analysis of a client’s present condition, combined with state-of-the-art technology, flexible treatment options, a relaxing environment, and valuable education, that helps clients enjoy the lifestyle they desire, naturally, without drugs or surgery.

Divine Spine is the only provider of our Complete Relief System designed to help clients lower their stress, increase their energy, and improve their physical health, naturally, without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Lucas Bach DC

gaubam_team_421Dr. Lucas Bach was born and raised in Manitouwadge, Ontario, a town located a few hours northwest of Thunder Bay Ontario. He moved to Thunder Bay at 17 and began his undergraduate degree at Lakehead University in the field of human biology. Two years into the program Dr. Bach started a job as a chiropractic assistant. As a chiropractic assistant he began to see many people were being positively affected by the chiropractic treatments and how their lives were being changed for the better. He started to see how great this profession was and now understood how chiropractic was improving peoples lives and health, including his own. Shortly thereafter it became a goal and passion of his to become a doctor of chiropractic and help people live healthy.

After graduating from University he moved down to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he began and completed the four year chiropractic program. During his chiropractic internships at Northwestern Health Sciences University he worked with many excellent doctors including the former chiropractor for the Minnesota Vikings football team. He initially began practicing in Thunder Bay before deciding to move to the city of Edmonton, and has now been in practice for 5 years. As a chiropractor Dr. Bach strives to help people obtain and maintain optimum health naturally through chiropractic treatments, nutrition, and exercise, so they can continue to do the things they enjoy most in life.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Mah is the Office Manager helping you experience the Divine Spine difference. She has been working with Divine Spine since 2006 and is the most passionate and educated person you will ever meet in regards to health and well-being.